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Crash in Penultimate after the last update

Ahmad Al-Qarni

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This to Report a crash when pressing the user preference at the top left corner button while no Internet connectivity.

Every time I try to touch that button the app becomes very unresponsive and cannot do anything with it until I quit the app and lunch it aging.

Please try to resolve this issue ASAP

thanks Evernote / I love you

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I experienced the same problem. When you tap the account/settings button in the upper left-hand corner, Penultimate becomes unresponsive and eventually crashes. I tried force-closing penultimate and restarting the iPad, but it didn't help.

However, this will fix the problem: Delete Penultimate from your iPad, then install it again from the App Store. This will force the app to have you sign in again will fix the issue completely.

**Important Note**

DO NOT edit any notes, add new note pages or notebooks until AFTER re-installing Penultimate. New notes will not sync or be saved!

Evernote should fix this bug. It seems to be triggered when Penultimate tries to login to Evernote with an incorrect password (for me, this was because I had not used the app since Evernote's mandatory password reset after they were hacked on March 2nd, 2013).

Did you also changed your password before you found this bug? Since your post was on February 28th, there could also be other problems causing the error.

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