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(Archived) Can't log in



I have v 1.0.2c for Mac [10.6.8] downloaded years ago and never used. Now I have an iPad I have a use for it and on the iPad it seems fine, at least locally, as it does in Chrome on my Mac.


However with the Mac app the Activity pane just says 'Syncing with Evernote/Contacting server … ' indefinitely and finally produces the alert 'Synchronisation failed./Synchronisation failed because of an error communicating with the Evernote servers. Please try again later.'


I have tried later, then days later, and it is just the same. I have checked the boards and though logging in seems to be a known Evernote problem it is not so at the moment.


Cheers, Colin

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Thanks, that fixed it, though the sync was very slow. It looks a lot more complicated, a lot to learn.


Oddly I deleted a text note I had made and after several refreshes it is still there in Chrome tho.


BTW, is there any way to lock or encrypt a note, as for instance in GoodReader?


Thanks again, Colin

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You can encrypt text in a note - highlight the text in question and right click. You can't lock or encrypt a whole note.


The initial sync was probably doing a reindex as well so it will have taken a little longer.

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Thanks for that - it looks as if a whole note's contents can be encrypted by selecting i all, but its presence cannot be hidden in the l/h pane [and you have to click on the thumbnail to hide the contents there. But as far as I can see on the iPad the note is not encrypted until the Mac app is closed. Also on the iPad it looks as if I can decrypt/re-encrypt, but can't do it from scratch.


Cheers, Colin

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