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(Archived) Note not found error scenario when using a shortcut


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 Here is a scenario that is causing a "Note loading error"/"Note not found" on scenario.


 I have a Pro account and my wife a free account.


 I have a notebook that I have shared with her which contains 3 notes. The problem occurs on my wife android phone when she is using a shortcut on a note from my shared note book. I haven't tested with other scenario.


 On her phone, we go to Evernote, select "Notebooks" and select my shared notebook from the "Joinded Notebooks" list.  She then click and hold the "Grocery" note until we have access to the "Create shortcut", which we select.  This properly add the shortcut on the android phone screen.


The note is a grocely list where each single items is precede by a check box.


From the shortcut we can access the note directly.  If we check/uncheck some check boxes, we can exit evernote and return to it using again the same shortcut.  This work as expected.


Meanwhile, if she goes in "edit" mode to modify the note (she is allowed to do it based on my shared attribute) and add some text,  click the "check mark" button to accept the changes, a message saying "Saving note in mynotebook" is displayed confirming the changes, but from that moment the shortcut is no longer working, giving the "Note loading error"/"Note not found" error.


From there, we must recreate completely the shortcut to have it working again.  The changes done during the editing phase have been properly saved into evernote.


I hope someone will be able to reproduce and fix.






Evernote for Android 4.5.4

galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1.1






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