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(Archived) Going paperless - Why Evernote?

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This is probably a really stupid question to be asking but I'll try it... :unsure:

I've read a lot about various approaches to using EN to go paperless - scanning bills and invoices to EN etc. For some uses, some recommend using a local folder, others don't worry.

If I want to get rid of the paper and scan bills and invoices etc, why shouldn't I just scan to a folder on my computer and then make sure I have a backup. I don't really need such items to be available on multiple devices.

I appreciate the value of EN for some applications, but for this particular one, I suspect I'm missing something but I'm not sure what....

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Hi.  It could be that Evernote is not for you.  Unless you actually try it out for a while you'll never know.  I've found the 'access anywhere' aspect useful several times - for looking up what type of car wiper blades I bought last time so I can get a replacement,  to knowing exactly what type of plastic boxes we bought a while a go so I can order some more to expand the set.  I clip tech tips,  details of installed software (what's that video editing app thingy called? - oh yeah;  Avidemux);  I take pictures of things I've bought,  and stuff I'd like to.  (Lots of DSLR camera specs at the moment while I work out which is the best MP for my GBP).  Evernote is vital to my life,  and I use it every day - I'm getting older and the memory can be a bit wossname - you know - erratic..


You may have no need of it - but it costs nothing to play around for a while,  and it's better to have some real world experience than listen to couch gurus like me.  :P

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Well - pretty much like answer #1:  if you prefer to keep bills and statements in a folder somewhere,  just go for it. 


Amongst other things mine are in Evernote so I can

  • search in just one place for stuff
  • look up purchase dates and model numbers in case I need spares or a replacement
  • track that strange 24.99 entry on my bank statement back to the receipt if necessary
  • check if there's still a warranty if something blows

Don't save accounts numbers,  bank codes or (obviously!) user names/ passwords - but then that's what your Sharpie is for...

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