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(Archived) Feature request: More ways to handle attached files





I use Evernote not only to clip interesting articles, recipes etc on the web, but also to archive pdf files from scans in my quest of going paperless.

I have to admit though that sometimes Evernote feels like it wasn't made for something like that.

For example: I want to print a pdf file that is part of a note (I don't want to print the note, only the pdf file which is part of the note). To do so, I have to open it using the preview and print it from there. Not a big deal, but it could definitely be more elegant. A feature that allows me to print a file right out of Evernote probably wouldn't be much hassle to implement I guess. The some applies to emailing attachments.


Cut a long story short:

Would you consider implementing these features:

  • print attachment right out of Evernote
  • email attachment right out of Evernote

I'm sure this might seem quite unimportant to some folks, but for me it would make a huge difference (and I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there who use Evernote in a similar way like I do).




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