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(Archived) Can't see shared folders on ipad that I can see on my mac desktop version


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I have a few folders shared by a partner where I can edit, add notes to the folders, and everything, here on my mac desktop Evernote.  However, even though I am well synced on my ipad, I can't see them, their notes or stacks, anywhere on my ios devices (ipad and iphone).    What am I missing? 

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Never mind, they showed up on their own accord.  At their own pace.  5th time lucky.  Now, when I checked on my iphone, it did say no notes found (like it had before), but then it indicated it was downloading the notes.  


On my ipad, they have also miraculously appeared, (previous searches had returned no results, but now I can find them by search).  Funny though, I wouldn't have found the folders in my folder view without some luck.... Conincidentally, my folders fit on one screen, but two shared folders are only revealed by swiping to the second page, which I never would have found.  


That once happened to me on the redesign of the ios version which had me almost in tears of frustration when not being able to find the search window while out shopping (at the liquor store of all things... I just wanted to buy the same whine!).... Eventually swiped down once later that day to find it by chance.... 

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