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(Archived) Sharing files from Evernote vs. Dropbox?

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I want to share about 12 .PDF files through a Note in EN. I have the storage space in Evernote and in Dropbox so I could place them in EN or in Dropbox and just link to them in EN. Are there any pros/cons with sharing files directly from EN? 



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I want to store the .PDF files in a Note and be able to post the link to the Note on a webpage or blog so people can go to it and download the .PDF files. I also might want to post individual links to each .PDF file stored in EN on a blog or webpage so people can download the files directly from a webpage without going to the Note.


Thank you.

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Hi. If you intend for this to remain in place for a long while (it seems that you do), then I recommend using Evernote. Your Evernote upload allowance is only calculated the first time that you upload the files. After that, there is no "penalty" for keeping the files in your account. Dropbox, on the other hand, is a finite amount of space, and you will have to dedicate that space to your files. The "penalty" here is that you cannot free up that space for other things. 


In other words, Evernote works really well for completed projects you want to "remember," and Dropbox works really well for works-in-progress that you want to share. That has been my experience. 

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To share individual PDF files I'd suggest the following:

  • copy the URL of your shared note and put that into your browser so that you see all the PDFs in exactly the same way your intended audience will. 
  • Have the original note open on your Desktop at the same time. 
  • Right-click (windows) each PDF in the browser view to get the (rather long) public URL of that individual PDF
  • Add a link to the original note page under each PDF: "download this PDF" - embed the long URL behind that link,  AND add it in full to the bottom of your note page so you have a note of it for the future. 
  • Then if you refer someone to that page,  they can read the PDFs (if they can) in their browser,  or download one or more individually as required.

EDIT:  as I'm reading this I realise that someone reading the full shared note could also easily download the PDF by using right-click and ~Save Link As.


- it's past my bedtime...

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