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(Archived) OCR text distorted within Evernote UI?


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Quite often when I select and copy text from a pdf within Evernote (scanned with Fujitsu Scansnap S1500), the text that is pasted is incorrect (lots of spaces between letters and/or all spaces missing), whereas the exact same document when opened in Adobe give a very nice and correct result via copy and paste.


It seems as if the characters are interpreted identically, but this is an example that shows the difference:


From Evernote UI: Gotte r sgata 14

From Adobe Acrobat X: Gottersgata 14


Doing a search within the document in Evernote for "Gottersgata" reveals nothing, whereas the same search in Adobe findes the text. Searching Evernote globally for "Gottersgata" finds the document?!


I'm confused, but this is annoying especially when you - as I do - make a lot of copy - paste and have to correct the pasted info all the time (removing lots of spaces etc).

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