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(Archived) PDF Annotation on iPad - Syncs with Evernote natively?

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Hello - 


So I've been trying to figure this out on my own and figured that I would like to ask the experts their thoughts!  



  • Real Estate agent has too many buyers and is leveraging her team to help them show client's houses
  • Properties that they see are in a PDF
  • Need to use app that will allow clients to take notes etc. on PDF 
  • Sync the app with Evernote for team leader to review likes, dislikes, etc.


I've looked at a couple of the apps out there that work well, but they all seem to have 1 shortcoming or another.  In addition to the situation outlined above it would be excellent to be able to do the following:


  • Select which notebook the PDF will sync to when exported from App (i.e. sync to a particular client's name) - could be done with tags too.
  • Would allow other people to add notes to the files in evernote

Thanks in advance for all the help!


(attached is the PDF that we would be annotating)

Cloud Buyer Tour w. Notes (short).pdf

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The ineffective integration of pdf markup in Evernote is my biggest bug-bear about the app that I otherwise love.   


I store PDF articles etc that I want to read in Evernote.  When I read them I like to highlight and take notes / markup the articles.  And then save the marked up PDF note back to the Evernote note (as a flattened file otherwise you can't see the mark-ups).   Unfortunately when the PDF goes from Evernote to the mark-up app it creates a new document and changes the filename to a long alpha-numeric code.   This forces me to move the new PDF into the old note, delete the original PDF note and change the filename of the PDF (which I think you have to do from the windows client, can't do it on the iPad).   Really not a seamless process.   Been an issue for a long while, not sure if its going to be addressed due to the sandboxing approach apple takes to apps.  


If you are mostly concerned about sending the PDF back to a notebook - rather than the original note it was stored in, this process above may not be quite as painful for your process as you can just allocate the flattened to the right notebook and updated the title on the new note.  You may not need to change the underlying filename?   


As to the actual annotation apps, I have looked at a few.  Goodreader does the job for me, will read other file types and is half the price ($5) of the dedicated PDF apps.   If you want to look at dedicated PDF mark-up apps, PDF Expert, iAnnotate and PDFPen seem to be the ones that are consistently on the top of the best app lists -- but I haven't found a compelling reason to shift from Goodreader yet... 


Hope that helps

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You can get a PDF Annotator Control ,There are Features:

  • Easy to add rich annotation capabilities to PDF document using C# .NET
  • Able to add annotations to PDF document in both ASP.NET web and Windows Forms
  • Created annotations can be added to PDF document at different layers
  • Added annotations can be flexibly and easily edited as independent objects using C#
  • Free to resize, move, rotate and reshape created annotations on PDF using C#.NET
  • Support adjusting the font style of created text annotation on PDF document using C#
  • Created graphic annotation objects can be filled or not filled on PDF document using C#
  • Able to burn generated annotations on PDF document in C#.NET class application
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