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(Archived) Feature Request: moving notes around to create new 'tapes'

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I like how the web version you have all these visual icons. What I would like to be able to do is move these icons around into different orders. I used my notes to keep track of the literature I am reading for my PhD, as well as making notes about what I want to write. It would be fantastic if when I came to writing a chapter, I could visually move around these icons into different orders (rather than just having a search and results presented in chronological order). I could visually lay out the structure of what I am writing with quote notes, written notes, pictures/graphs/figures, then save this 'tape' or order to work through as I write, or print out and work to, or even export the entire tape to word and fill in the gaps.

Another use would be when planning the set list for a gig, I could move around song-word-notes visually, thinking about how these flow together, then print out the set list or email to the band.

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