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(Archived) Going over monthly limit?

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Hi - the best advice re going over your monthly limit is:  don't.  Keep a careful eye on your upload score and remember it's not a target,  it's a maximum figure.  All clients tell you the current figure,  so make sure you keep within it by 200MB or so (to allow for edits and errors).  Once you get that close,  start putting your new notes into a local notebook so you can upload them after your limit resets,  or buy some temporary extra space online.  Provided you stay within the maximum,  you can use Evernote fully without risk.


But if you do go over,  and depending on how you exceed the limit,  you will experience a variety of unwanted outcomes.  You will be unable to sync notes to the server.  You may lose the contents of one or more notes being uploaded when the limit is reached.  It's really best not to find out...

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