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(Archived) Evernote - lost image

Evan Camilleri

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Try right clicking on the attachment and renaming it to something different, including the filetype extension.

This should then make is accessible as an attached image. It wont show in the note however, but as an attachment.

To make it display as an image again, you will need to export the note and adjust the ENML.

(Or, save the copy and paste the image back in, which may be easier.)

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I'm not sure if this is the same issue as I have

but if I paste an image into a note (Using EN for Windows) it appears initally as a image, but at some point changes to a "link" as above, which is incomprehensible to my system.




I have attached a copy of a note to illustrate this, I pasted the definition of "confusion marketing" into the note, then put in a HTTP reference to an article, the image then changed to that shown at the top of the note. Clicking on this link has no effect as windows doesn't know the file type and simply brings up a "select progam" window (to left of note), for illustration purposes I have again pasted the "Definition" into the note but shortly after the screenshot this changed to a similar "link"


Now I can open these links if I correctly "guess" which program to open them with, but this seems to me not to constitute any sort of filing system, more like piling everything into a tub and having to sort through it?



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