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(Archived) Evernote.... multiple users

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I was thinking to use multiple users so that I have a user for personal needs and a user for work related need.


I am planning to upgrade to premium.  


So will I need 2 premium accounts or just 1?


I'm not sure what you're intending when you say "multiple users".  If you're talking about having multiple people use the same account, that's not really something I would suggest.  But it sounds like you're talking about having two separate accounts for only you to use.  One would be for work & the other for personal.  In that case, if you wanted premium features for both accounts, you would need to pay for two premium accounts.  Some people do this & others (myself included) use the one account for both personal & business.  It depends upon your work environment,  IE, if other people use your work computer, then I would probably either use the web version at work or have a different/work only account.

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