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(Archived) Feature Suggestion for Evernote

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Dear Evernote,


I just want to tell you that Evernote is the best! I used it everyday and in so many ways. It truly is a second brain!!! I have so much info at my finger tips... it is so useful. 


As I use Evernote, I am always thinking of new ways in which to use Evernote! I would really like to be able to use Evernote as a contacts app replacement for Contacts on the Mac. Actually, I am using it for that currently, but I wish you had a built in Evernote app like Cobook. cobookapp.com That app is great. It would be great if it worked hand and glove with Evernote. I have tried the "Hello" app but I just could seem to get into using it. I wanted to, but it didn't seem straight forward and easy to use. Cobook, like Evernote, works on the iPhone and on the Mac which works for me. Anyway, If you guys could have a different contacts app or redesign Hello, that would be great.


I hate to be negative so sorry about that. You guys do an awesome job with Evernote! Please keep up the good work!!


jpshepherd  :)

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