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(Archived) Carrier envelope for scanning small documents

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I am just getting started, but it is my goal to eventually get to a paperless life.  I seem to remember reading somewhere there are special envelopes that you can place several small documents (ie cash register receipts) so can scan several documents to single page.  I remember at the time thinking all I'd need was a clear plastic sheet protector and I'd be in business, so of course I ignored the source information for the product.


When I took 4 receipts and placed them in a sheet protector and tried to scan it on my Fujitsu S1300, it immediately mangled the sheet.  It seems the scanner thought it was a stack of documents and  was trying to seperate the sheets.


I have been able to scan cash register receipts individually, but the idea of several at once seems like its a good idea.  I'm also a little hung up on best  efficient use of storage space/file size.


Has anyone tried this?  Good/Bad idea?  Can someone provide a source and a descriptive name to search?




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Hi. Welcome to the forums. 


(1) Something like this?



(2) Small scans

I scan them one at a time on B/W. It is quick, keeps each receipt separate from the others, and it doesn't take up a whole lot of storage space. The extra effort and expense does not seem worth it to me. 

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The extra effort and expense does not seem worth it to me.


Yeah, my Scansnap came with a carrier & I've never used it.  Like you, I prefer to keep my items "self contained".


Hahaha. I don't even know if mine came with a carrier. If it did, I discarded it years ago. I think it is cool they exist, but it just isn't something that appeals to me.

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Grumpy- That sleeve is exactly what I had in mind.


Seems like you experienced users haven't found any real need for something like this.  Rather than complicate what right now seems like a pretty daunting task, I guess I'll hold off until I get a little more experience with the process.


Thanks to everyone for the replies.


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