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(Archived) Global shortcut for quick note - turn off new menubar note creator



Until the latest version of Evernote for OSX, I used ⎇+N as my global shortcut for a new note, which would bring up a new note in its own window. Perfect for me.


Now, my global shortcut for a new note brings up the new menubar note creator which I really don't like - it doesn't seem to add any functionality.


Anyone know how I turn this feature off and revert to the setup where the global new note shortcut opens a new note in its own window?

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I agree.  I don't really have a problem with that type of quick note and it matches some of my needs.  


But, please restore the other version in addition to the new functionality.  I often create a new note using the keystroke and enter header and body information *and* I want it to stick around on the screen for a while while I go back and forth entering additional content.


For how I often use notes, the new functionality is unusable.



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And as the screenshots hint, you can change everything back to how it was. It's a pity it's necessary, but at least we can (btw it persists between updates, so you don't have to change it again unless you re-install from scratch)

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I would like to see the ability to assign a notebook and tag in the quicknote window using the email syntax @notebook #tag.  The first line goes to the title, the rest to the body, etc.


I'd also like the previously available "one step process for screen captures into new notes" again, rather than having to capture the screen then dismiss the quicknote window. By the way, pressing escape does not create the note.  You must press command+enter (or click the "save to evernote" button)

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