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(Archived) Save pictures in a specific folder

Darío Rojo

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I love Evernote and I use a lot of pictures notes using the cameras on my android phone and tablet. Since Evernote saves pictures in the same folder that my phone camera does, I really have a mess of pictures and some of them are unnecessary because are both in the /pictures folder and in the Evernote note. So that, It will be useful -at least for me- that Evernote would be able to save pictures in a different location of the pictures of the camera.



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I second this...I didn't see anything in the preferences that lets me choose where evernote stores the images that are sent to it from the scanner...they just get dumped into my /pictures folder which is terribly annoying.  Moving them manually, though, after the fact doesn't seem to hurt anything in evernote...can these just be deleted completely?

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