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(Archived) Save clip in local notebook


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Hi all,

Clipping to a local notebook is supported on Windows Firefox but not on Safari. 


You will have to open up the Firefox Web Clipper preferences (Mac: Tools > Add ons and then find Web Clipper and open preferences view, similar steps on Windows)


1) Set the 'Send clips to' setting to 'Evernote on your desktop'

2) In the Windows client go to Tools > Clipping preferences

3) Choose 'Specify clip destination' and then select your local notebook.


Hope that helps

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Thanks, jbignert.

With your help I have partially solved the problem.

Now I can save the page in my local notebook. However, if I view the page with Clearly, the page is always saved on my online notebook. Is it possible to save the page in a local notebook on using Clearly?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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