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(Archived) Local Notebooks vs. Cloud Notebooks

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when I make a notebook local since I do not want some info on the web(certain personal data), does that data sit in a different database on my local computer than the database records that I have sync'd with my evernote cloud database.  Can anyone explain how this all works please...


thank you.
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Depending on your  OS the data may or may not be part of a single file,  but all your information - whether local or not - will be in the same folder on your hard drive.  The local only bits don't get uploaded to the servers,  they just stay local - exactly what it says on the can.

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In Windows local notebooks are in the same database on your computer where the synced notebooks are stored. They are only not synced to the Evernote-servers.


Especially for local notebooks it is important to make backups because they are stored only on your computer.

Best way: Backup your whole database (*.exb).

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thanks for the info,   

so is it true that after I do a sync, then my local exb file contains all the data that the online database at evernote has and it also has all the other data that is in my local notebooks?


so if that is true then the best thing I can do is daily or when I add a bunch of new data to evernote either the cloud synced or local notebooks, then I should just do a sync and then copy the exb file to my external hard drive so I have a backup.



and in that folder is the following


files called








so should I back up all of these each time or for sure just the me.exb.  what is the me.exb.snippets file?



the is also a folder called "attachments" I think the files in this directory are just temporary and they do not need to be backed up since all the data is already in the exb database AND I could just delete all the files in this folder and it would not cause me any troubles, is that correct?

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The only essential file is me.exb - all the others would be recreated as necessary if they were missing.  The snippets file for instance is just the thumbnails from your snippets display - which can be recreated from the original notes.  The attachments folder is just the working location for any file you may be editing or copying.  Once the file is saved back to the note,  the copy here is no longer required.  You can delete the content.


So your proposed process seems fine - sync everything and copy the folder (or just that me.exb file) somewhere safe.  Unless space is really tight,  and if you're really paranoid about it,  keep a few generations of backups in cases any damage to the database isn't apparent immediately.

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