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Automatic Note Titles

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4.0 Beta, Build 223484 (but problem was there with previous build). HTC Desire GSM, CyanogenMod7.

Whenever I create a new note, the default note title shows as: "Note from Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop Walks" or "Audio Note from Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop Walks".

Typing into the note title replaces the text correcly, but I'm mystified how this has happened. The phrase "Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop Walks" appears in my Android calendar but it's never been used in Evernote.

Anyone seen anything similar? Thanks in advance.


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Thanks, both. That may well be the mechanism that's changing the title but the issue is, the title that's being auto-created bears no relation to the note content, location, date or time.

I've created three notes this afternoon on Android, two in Windows. If I leave the note title blank in Windows, it is automatically replaced by the fIrst part of note text. If I do the same in Android, before I have entered any content the note title contains 'Note from Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop walks' or 'Audio Note Note from Feb 4-Mar 4 Walsingham Abbey Snowdrop walks'. This does not change when I add note content, which is probably not expected behaviour.


Aha! Just had a mooch at the 4.0 Beta 1 announcement and found…

- Auto-title detects now the events in your calendar if there is any to add more context to the note title.

That'll be it then… I'll post some feedback.


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I encountered the same problem today. For some reason "Auto Title" always put a name in the title field and I don't know why. I already uninstalled Evernote from my Desire S but the problem is still there.

How did you fix your corrupted database?

Any help is appreciated!!

Greetings from Germany


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I, too, have the same problem - but the auto title is grabbing calendar items (ie Note from Bob Smith's Birthday).

FWIW, I think the problem is limited to sharing notes to Evernote from the Chrome BETA browser on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I do not seem to have the problem when generating notes from within the stock ICS browser or from other apps (say FEEDLY, or TWEAKDECK).

Thanks for any insight/suggestions...

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In the latest Android client we have added the ability to turn off auto note titling. You can access this feature - settings, other options, Enable/Disable Auto-title in notes. This feature is defaulted to on.

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Please allow auto title option of "title from first line of note". This was an automatic feature of auto title before.

It would make entering notes soo much faster. Why make users have to think of a title and enter it separately when you could just title from the first line of the note as before. Don't you think it makes more sense than ending up with multiple notes with the same calendar event title, especially when the note content may have nothing to do with a calendar event? Titles from GPS location are equally annoying.

I know I'm not the only one who wants this. Please change this, it's so exasperating.

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Hey Devs, I have looked over some old threads and this request is not getting much love. If you're not going to consider it then can you at least let me use an old version that does titles based on the first line of the note, before the "improved" ones with GPS and calendar note titles came along? It would be much appreciated, and save so much time in creating, browsing and searching through my many notes.

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I use Evernote for Windows primarily for creating notes, and have tried to use ocassionally my iPad, and Android to add notes. I cannot get the title to take the first line like it does in Windows. I used the titles exclusively and have no desire to put lists inside single notes. It works great in Windows, but is useless to me on mobile devices unless there is a way to turn that off.

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To answer my own question, I could just enter something in the title, as well as turn off the auto-title on the iPad. Not sure there is a way to turn that off on the andriod, but typing in the title works for me.

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Hi, I'm brand new to smartphones, android & evernote (1st week!).

I would like for the first line of text to be the auto title. I'm in complete agreement with pkay above.

The odd thing is.. I thought it was doing that originally and now I can't seem to get it to do it again. As a new user it's very possible I made a mistake. But I coulda sworn I was able to make the first line of text the automatic / default title.

Am I missing something?


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Looking for same thing as OP. Used Palm memos for many years, now desperately looking for something to work as well on iphone/windows. If I can't get the first line to automatically be the title, I'll have to keep looking past Evernote. Looking through posts here, it's not clear that anyone from EN replies.

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Hi, all. I'm a fairly new Evernote user. I have the Android app on a Samsung tablet and a Samsung phone (Galaxy S3), and on a PC desktop and laptop. Any time I create a new note on my phone or tablet, the note title appears pre-filled with my most current event reminder from my Gmail calendar. If I fail to change or delete this text, the title of my new note takes on my event reminder text. For instance, I just created a new note about a photography web site I wanted to remember and the title was "Release Assignment #2" - a carry over from a dismissed event reminder from earlier in the day. I do not get this behavior on either of my two computers (also linked to the same Gmail calendar account).


Any ideas about this? It's so weird!

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This is a "feature" of Evernote for Android  :) .


You can diable it in the settings: Other options → activate auto-title in notes

Thank you! If it was picking up something useful from the item I was clipping/building this would be a useful feature, but to randomly plug in an event reminder seems odd.


At any rate, have disabled and am now happy! :)

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Yes, PLEASE provide a more efficient auto title feature...I use Evernote with my iPad, iPhone, Mac, Dropbox, etc-- shoeboxed and doc scan regularly with thousands of notes

I am stuck with either renaming multiple "untitled note"s or obscure unrelated region auto naming

Has this been corrected recently? Or any suggestions of something I'm missing?

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In the Android client, if the Auto-Title is turned on, the client will try to create a title based on location and or the calendar which is most of the time not desirable. If I turn it off, I would have to either write a title myself or the note will be saved with "Untitled note" title.

In the windows client, if you write a note, the title will be the first sentence of the note. This works great but I couldn't get the same behavior in Android client.

I suggest developers look into making the title be the first sentence of the note if the Auto-title is set off and the note created didn't write a title just like the windows client behavior.

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+1 This would be great.


Anyone know if there's an enhancement request on file?

Evernote staff read all posts here, so if someone asks for a new feature, they should get noted. You can also submit feature requests by opening a support request (the link for that is in my signature).
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This thread is over two years old.


What is the problem with having the Android app act the same way as the Windows app in the way titles are generated?


It seems like elementary UI design that the various platforms should function the same to the extent reasonably possible. And this is a pretty major part of the interface... how one composes a note. My brain shouldn't have to completely alter the process of composing a note, just because I'm on a smartphone. It seems like it would be pretty simple to have the app automatically copy the first line into the title field. If it's really too cumbersome to do this on the phone, make it a server-side option whenever the title field is left blank.


It's very frustrating to have a bunch of notes that I've created on my Android phone, and open the Windows client only to find a bunch notes listed as "Untitled note," or even worse, "Note from random calendar entry for event that you didn't actually attend or that was really just a reminder and bears no relation to the note at all."



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