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(Archived) Flash Cards Feature Request



This request applies to iOS as well.


It would be nice if we can use the notes created in Evernote in a Flash-card mode from within the app itself-with the same simplicity and elegance that Evernote is known for. Which also would mean that we would be able to re-organize the notes manually if we so choose. And this not only help students to memorize what they need to memorize, but also professionals who require using Flash-cards-screen writers use paper flash cards to help them organize their script scenes according to story beats, etc.





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Thanks for the reply and support, guys. Tried it but it is very lame. You need to cut/paste?! Try doing that for 50+ notes and you will lose your mind fast! I think Evernote would do a much better/elegant job. All it needs is to have its own flash-card viewer within the app itself. It would basically generate the cards from the notes themselves...

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