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(Archived) Ink Note features


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My work recently has been heavy on using my penpad to keep my notes organized. I use Windows Journal, as well as Microsoft OneNote. One big thing I liked about Journal is that you can have multiple pages per file. Both programs have a lot of versatility, which makes them very nice to use.


I started looking at EN Ink Note, and the reason I like it because of the "Star" feature where it will correct your drawings, instead of hitting undo 20 times until you get the right one. That's a huge plus for EN. And the way everything is sorted, gets synced it to be accessed anywhere I want makes it even more useful. I don't have to worry about a crashing HDD.


There are few things I'd like to know about:


1) Per notebook, you can have as many notes as you want, but is there a way for each note to have multiple pages? As of now the note will extend as I keep adding to it, and if you try to print it, the work gets cut to properly fit a letter size. That won't work with that I do. Even having a dotted line may be helpful.


2) Erasing. The only options I got is hit undo, and if I'm too far ahead for that I'll have to select, delete and redraw. Or the cut tool, but that will delete the lines connected to it, not just a small portion.


3) Background. If you try to print with the background as default, it'll look really weird coming out on plain white paper. 


4) Highlighter. Being able to highlight some areas of interest will be very helpful.


If some of those features are already available please inform me. I'd like to be able to fully switch to EN in the near future.

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