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(Archived) Searching PDF works on mac, not on windows.


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I've added a couple of scanned pdf's to my library in evernote. 

For some reason I can only search inside the pdf's on my mac. On my windows machine it will show me the pdf that has the text, but not the text it self (it wont go to the page or highlight it). 



Any solutions to this problem? 


ps. I'm a premium user.

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To clarify, if you have a PDF viewer on your PC, you can double click the PDF & the viewer will be invoked & open the PDF. You can then use the viewer search function to find the word you're looking for. But there is no way to make the Windows client function the way the Mac client does, unless EN incorporated a third party app, like Jeff mentioned. Since there are so many free viewers out there & EN would most likely have to pay to incorporate one, it's doubtful this will change anytime soon, if ever. (Not to mention whichever viewer they chose, it's a sure thing some users would be peeved at the choice.) And, in the grand scheme of things, it's really only a minor annoyance, IMO.

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