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(Archived) sending/forwarding email to evernote: cuts off all addresses?


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one of the main things i do is to forward emails from my business email account to evernote.  i am in real estate and i rename the title with the date: e.g.: 02/18/13: email re new terms of contract 800 Benton Street 

But evernote deletes all of the email address information at the top of the email - which I really really want to keep ... it makes it really easy to see who sent it to me and also to quickly grab the email address (or to see all the email addresses).


what am i doing wrong??



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If you're forwarding the emails as attachments, the mail gateway is possibly applying the same treatment to the attached emails (i.e. strip the headers) as it does to the overall message.


If you can forward your emails as inline messages that might help.


-- Tom

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