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(Archived) Opening .ppt on iPhone

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We make the file attachments available on the phone, but if your iPhone doesn't have an application which can view the ppt, we don't have an integrated Powerpoint viewer. Without a native ppt viewer, you might have more luck printing it to PDF and putting that into Evernote instead.

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How did you add this Powerpoint file to your Evernote account originally? E.g. did you drag and drop it from the Mac client, or Windows?

Does the file name displayed in the client end with ".ppt" ?

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I'm wondering if I have the same issue. I recently upgraded to Premium also but have not been able to open files via my Windows Mobile 6 client. I have a Motorola Q which came with a "Docs to Go" application which lets you create, view, and edit Word, XLS, and PPT docs. Launching one of those file types directly from an email or web address works fine. But when trying to launch via Evernote it pops Opera and then serves up an error (This address is not available). I was actually able to get around this by going into the note which contains the attachment in the Evernote Mobile client (which I LOVE, BTW) and using the email functionality to send it to myself, and could then open it. That worked in a pinch, but not exactly what I was hoping for. Is this not going to work unless I have the actual Microsoft client software? I did check for updates and it said I had the most recent version. Doesn't matter where I uploaded the doc from (tried the phone and via latest Windows client), still get same problem.


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