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(Archived) PDF showing only as attachment


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In windows client I have a note with an attached PDF. When I double click it, it opens in Adobe no problem.


However when I right click on the PDF the "View as attachment" option is ticked but greyed out. This means it is permanently as an attachment and I can't have the PDF content displayed as a default for the note.


I have other notes with PDFs where I can toggle this option no problem.


The PDF in question was one that was imported to EN using Outlook plugin. It is already OCRd.


This is not a serious problem as I can open the PDF but it is a nuisance not having the contents displayed in the note as default.


Can someone help or is this a bug?



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A serious problem too is that the attachments are already OCR'd when opened in Adobe. However they are not showing in searches. Anyone else find this?

I find this too.


I tried dragging/dropping the pdf into a new note. I tried reimporting it using my import folder. Nothing. Can't get it to appear. Is it possible it is something in the internal setting in the pdf? I don't know enough, but is it possible that there is something funny in the file type that is preventing EN from viewing the pdf in the note? I tried looking in file properties but I don't see anything, but maybe I'm missing something.

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This is interesting as I have seen this myself in the past.


I have just checked and found that every pdf I now have, be it imported from elsewhere or scanned myself seems to work exactly as it should.


The version I am on which was downloaded yesterday is


I am on the business version, but I doubt this makes any difference.


Best regards



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I've reported this and the fix was to remove the windows client in Control Panel and re-instal EN with a link to the latest version. This did not work.


They now tell me that I have to do it again and this time use "Revo Uninstaller" with the link supplied to remove all traces of EN and then re-instal. I'll try this but I'm sceptical because when I started the ticket I included the note in question as an attachment and asked that they check it themselves. They have not answered that question. I'll report back.

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See how you get on.

If the technical folks think your own delete had not removed everything then that is why they are suggesting you use "revo uninstaller" which they probably used themselves.



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OK this has now been confirmed as a bug. The more serious part of this problem is the lack of the pdfs being searched. It does not happen on web access either so it is definitely their end.


Hopefully they will have this fixed soon.

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