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(Archived) Evernote with Drafts -- how to tag a note

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I'd like to start keeping a journal in Evernote, but for a couple reasons I'd like to use Drafts on my iPad for input instead of the native Evernote app. My plan would be to apply a "Journal" tag to each journal entry. Is there any way to do this from a text editor like Drafts?

Thank you.

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Thank you, JMichael. My Drafts requirement is a self imposed attempt to use Drafts for just about all my text entry on iOS, everything except for very long prose. It's easier for me to be productive if I limit the number of tools in my box and just learn how to use them inside-and-out, in my sleep.

I think I could consider using TextExpander to write "Journal - YYYYMMDD" and then use EN's Serch functional isolate the journal entries.

Or something...

Thank you very much for the suggestion, JMichael.

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