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(Archived) remove notes from remote computer



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Can I remove notes from a remote computer? I know that I can change the password, or even disable the account, but that doesn't seem to remove notes that have already been synced up on the remot computer.




Hi. Welcome to the forums. If you are talking about using an account on two devices (it doesn't matter if it is remote or not -- they could both be on the table in front of you) then they will both communicate with the Evernote servers to sync. Deleting a note on one of the computers will delete it on the other (after it syncs with the servers). They mirror one another, so it would not be possible to delete a note on one computer and not delete it on another UNLESS the note was stored only in a local notebook (and was therefore not syncing to the Evernote servers). Does this make sense?


If you explain what you are trying to do, maybe we can help out more. I hope your computer has not been stolen, or anything like that!

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The "remote user" can just disable Internet access, and -- on the desktop at least -- those notes will be available still. For mobile devices, it's a bit different; only notes in sync'ed offline notebooks and cached notes will be available. Of course, the remote user needs to know to turn off Internet access...

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