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(Archived) Feature Request: More Ways to View Notes

Rayford Booth


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I've just searched and noticed a few requests for a cover-flow like browsing option.

Most of the basic EN UI takes up a significant portion of the screen real-estate. It makes it hard to read embedded pdfs, larger photos (say, of my white board), maps and other things. In short, I find it difficult to view some of the things I've recently put into EN. I often find myself pressing return, to open the window for the note and then maximize it. Of course, this is a lot of clicking, and a way to flip through a full-size preview of each note (like cover-flow, full screen browse, preview, slide-show, or whatever) would be really nice. SOHO notes seems to have such an option, for example.

I also find that since there is no explicit "browse only" mode, I accidentally modify or delete something in the note. I am very nervous using the client, as a result. I feel much safer using the web interface for EN, because I have to hit "edit" to get into edit mode. Seems like a strange client design to me since EN seems to be all about "plop it in, then search, search, search" and not "edit, edit, edit, all the time, edit" (especially given that the editor is not very sophisticated and doesn't play well with EN's current internal data format, leading to strange behavior with lists, fonts, etc which many others have pointed out on the forum and I don't care to renumerate).

So, in short: I second any request for more ways to browse, and especially more ways to "only browse" (safely, no accidental editing).

btw, I really like EN and really want to see it improve and succeed. I'm not sure if that comes through often enough in my few posts on this forum.

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