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(Archived) Making new notebooks in a web browser vs. desktop application?

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When making a new notebook on the desktop application I am given the option to choose to synchronize the notebook or to make it a local notebook. From what I see, these options do not exist when working through a web browser, though the notebooks seem to synch to all my devices.


1. Is there a reason you might want to only make a Local notebook on the desktop application? Is this intended for storing large files that you do not want to synch over?



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Local notebooks are good for lots of things - temp stores for notes if you go over your upload limit;  places to keep information you don't want even slightly online;  archives for 'old' stuff you don't want to delete quite yet...


If you have something you don't need access to outside your desktop location,  a local notebook is the place for it.


You won't get an option to create a 'local' notebook online,  because by definition,  you're not 'at' your computer,  and the system can't do the housekeeping necessary to create it.

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