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One of the best and biggest chords and tabs webpage out there is http://www.cifraclub.com.br/

They have chords for guitar, piano and many other instruments, as well as one of the most up-to-date and high quality tab collections out there.

But it is not compatible with Evernote. The web clipper clips "to much" of the webpage, the extension "Clearly" takes out all the tabbing code and the chord images at the end of the page.


Imagine the possibilities:

  • Every musician would love to save his favorite chords/lyrics into evernote
  • Every musician would love to have offline access to that content (more PREMIUM USERS!!)
  • Cifraclub is the perfect page for users to do this (standard formating, high quality, etc)
But, there is no easy/fast way to save all this content into evernote.


Give this post a +1 if you think evernote should work together with Cifraclub to make my dream come true!




PS: Cifraclub already has a "print view" of chords that could be used for that if it was changed just a bit.

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Interesting idea - what we can consider doing is to have special formatting rules for high value sites to create better clips. I'll add this domain to our list of potential sites to do this for. 


How would the perfect clip from this site be formatted to be usable for musicians?


This is what I get when clipping the full page using Chrome Web Clipper:


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Since we need to save as much of the screen as we can, the title and the name of the song is not important, since we only need that in the note name.

For me, the perfect clip is the one created when the selection is reduced by one scale, but than it sadly only saves one page of the song:



The way I am doing it now is to save the whole thing and then cleaning the formating tools out to get something like this:



But now I have several "pages" and the whole background. And well, its a pain to always have to clean that code out.

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Not yet as special treatment case. You can clip as screenshot and full page with good results though.

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