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(Archived) Reliability/dependability of Evernote?

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I am just starting with Evernote and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I want to start using it for lots and lots of stuff, and I want to start recommending it to EVERYONE I know, though I am still new to the whole idea of depending on the cloud regardless if it is Dropbox, Evernote,  Google Drive, etc.


1. How reliable has Evernote been since launch? Has there been any issue with loss of data?

2. Are there any numbers out there that show uptime, how data is backed up, etc.? How redundant the servers are that the data is backed up to?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi.  No-one can promise your data is completely fireproof,  even if it is kept in a waterproof safe halfway down Niagara Falls.  Evernote say they do everything possible to safeguard your information,  but caution suggests you should always keep your own backups on a weekly or daily basis,  depending on how critical any loss would be.  There are instructions around here somewhere as to how to do that.  There are no numbers as to uptime.  Evernote isn't a commercial service and doesn't offer any guarantees.

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