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(Archived) Create new notes/links from words

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Hi everyone,

I went through the forum and I think that what I'm looking for is something called "markdown", is that correct? Not sure if it is, so here's my question.

I use Evernote for lots of things, as many of you do, I'm sure, and one one my favorite things is to use it to take notes when I'm reading books and I want to take some notes about, let's say Socrates. So I start writing about his life, the way he thinks and, along the way, always comes a new word that I don't know the meaning. So, what I do is (previously created a Notebook for this) go to my Dictionary notebook and create a new note inside it, use that new word as the title, type the meaning bellow and, after that, right click the note, select Copy Note Link, go back to the note about Socrates, select the new word, hold down Cmd+K and paste the link.

There, a wiki-like note is created. And I'm quite happy with it, except I think it would be much easier if all the steps in between could be skipped. Right?

So, any of you fellow advanced Evernote users know of a quicker way to do this? Is the Evernote team looking at all at making this possible? Would it be awfully difficult to add the "Link to New Note" option from the contextual menu where the "Link/Add ..." already exists? From what I understand, and believe me it's not too much, about the whole "markdown" thing, is that it would take quite a rewrite of Evernote's way of working, but that's for much more advanced features than the one I'm looking for, right? The only thing I would like to see is basically something that is already possible, although it takes several steps.


Hope someone can provide a workaround, or that the Evernote team is thinking of implementing such a feature ;)


Thank you so much for reading.




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Only additional thoughts would be:


AutoHotKey or something similar to automate the keystrokes - don't even know whether that's possible,  but if you do that word-to-notelink thing a lot it might be worth trying. 


The other thought is to change the process so you use the lookup word as a tag,  both for the original text and the definition.  Only problem there is whether you'd need a lot of tags...

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If you prefer to write in Markdown, but want the HTML to reside in Evernote, the Markdown2Evernote service by Brett Terpstra and Martin Kopischke is great. I've also updated it to add wiki functionality. If your interested, my most recent blog post discusses my update, has a download of my version, and links to Martin's most up-to-date version as well: http://bit.ly/17eSfGg 

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