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(Archived) Finding conflicting info - Can I add a new note to a notebook shared with me?


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Hi!  I'm an absolute newbie to Evernote (so I try to do my due diligence before posting!)


But I've been searching through the forums trying to find out how to solve this problem - and have now found two different responses to the same question.


Question: Someone else shared a notebook with me, and has asked me to add new notes to it. I don't see any method of adding a new note to this shared notebook, though...? (I am not a Premium member. I don't know if he is or not.)


Answer 1:  Yes, it's possible for two non-Premium members to share a notebook and each to add notes to it.


Answer 2:  In order to add new notes to a shared notebook, both must be Premium members.



Can anyone tell me which is correct?  (And if it's #1 - how do I add a new note to this notebook?)


Appreciate any help!



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When you share a notebook, any can choose to give the recipient ability to view notes; you need to be Premium to allow the ability to add/delete/modify notes. The recipient need not be a Premium member in either case.


To add a note to a notebook, just select the notebook, and press Ctrl+N to create a new note. It should be in that notebook.

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