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(Archived) iPhone App: Why square snaphot notes?

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Hi there,

Maybe I´m missing something, but why do the snapshot notes on the iPhone app have to be cropped to a square format?



I've wondered the same. Why not the full resolution?

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Could you clarify what you're seeing here? If you take a snapshot note from within Evernote and then upload it, does it appear as a square image on your desktop or web client? It should be capturing the full image.

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When you take a snapshot note and don´t move/scale it in any way you get the full resolution (1600x1200). But when you decide to move/scale the snapshot you obviously only get the square cropped part as indicated. That´s perfectly fine as you probably designed the feature to work this way. So I should probably rephrase my initial question: When I move/scale a snapshot, why is it cropped to a square format and doesn´t keep the original aspect ratio?

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Ah, ok, thanks. The image manipulation within the iPhone app is pretty basic ... if you manipulate it to crop, you'll get an image of whatever was on the screen. For more advanced manipulation, you may want to try opening the image (right-click) from the desktop app into your favorite image editor for now.


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