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(Archived) Unable to add new notes in evernote (free edition) winxp

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I started using evernote about 2 months ago. I have 164 notes in 5 notebooks and around 21 tags. I am now unable to add any new note. When I click on new note, it gives me a screen for adding the title and content for the new node. However , as soon as I finish typing the title and move to the content, the note disappears and brings an earlier (already added) note.


I tried it on android too with same result.


I then checked the limitations on the free edition of evernote  - apart from the add, there doesn't seem any. This is very frustrating as I was considering using the paid version.

Anyone having come across this and know of any way to resolve this?


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Two things: In the Windows client, check your  Account information (Tools / Account Info) to see whether you have used up your monthly bandwidth quota. And check your activity log (Help / Activity Log) to see if there are any clues there. You may need to open a support request, but I'd look at these two pieces of information first.

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Thanks. I did look into it. The usage is well below the limit - 2.3 MB. I logged into the web site and all my notes (including the ones that I created for testing are there).

Also, in the windows client : search does not work. Typing *any* kind of letter/keyword shows that there is no note found with that

I can do searches on web though.


I the uninstalled and reinstalled evernote. The results remained the same. It seems the uninstallation did not remove the database as I was hoping to see some syncing activity on reinstalling evernote to get my data back from web. Instead it still had my earlier information.


Can you please provide an input on how to delete everything (without syncing of course) from my client. Is there a way to backup data on the web as I don't want the web version (the only working version) to be lost.


Evernote was becoming a mission critical tool for me and now I realize that I need to have backups and all - the works.

Thanks for any inputs

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Uninstalling Evernote does not remove the database on the desktop clients, since most people really, really don't want to do a full sync on installing a new version (e.g., I have 4000+ notes). Anyways, you can force a full sync by going to your database folder (you can find it via Tools / Options / General / Open Database Folder) and deleting the .exb file found there (you should exit Evernote first, and I'd recommend moving the database file to somewhere safe, rather than deleting it). Restarting Evernote will then cause a full sync from the cloud, where your lost notes are apparently still living.

And yes, you do need to consider backup on your own, even if your notes are sync'ed to the Evernote servers. This is particularly crucial if you have local notebooks, which are not sync'ed but reside solely on your local machine, but in the same .exb database file as your normal notebooks.

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