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Automatically shift to do items into a separate notebook

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Hi Guys,


I take meeting notes regularly with Evernote and I have a bunch of to do items added into them as the meeting progresses. Currently I use a saved search "todo:false" to find anything I haven't done yet, but because it is all over the place as to where the items could be, I want to try and put them into two new notes "To Do" and "Done" (automatically shifting to the done pile when they are checked).


Is anyone aware of a way I can get this to happen? I am not fussed about them being removed or synced with the original note (i.e., they can stay in there, that is actually a good thing anyway), but I do want to copy them out, plus useful info such as the original notes creation time and the note name (so I can reference back easily). I'd like them to end up in the new note something like:


[  ] To do item as from the original note [Original note name] {Original note creation date}


Then when it is complete, shift it to the Done note. Happy to only do it once or twice an hour if that is the best way to do it. Been digging around IFTTT but can't seem to figure out a way to do it reliably.


Any help greatly appreciated!




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Hi - welcome to the forums.  I've said this so often lately that I think I'm beginning to sound like a recording,  but Evernote is not exactly your full-featured "to do" application,  though there are lots out there that specialise in exactly that.


I can't offer you a fix for your problem as stated,  but I would suggest that if you look into one of the 'team' to-do apps out there,  I think you'll find that it would be pretty easy to set up a 'project' - being the individual meeting you attended - with a direct link to the Evernote Note containing all your to-dos. 


The individual listings under that heading could be each tick-box item from your note,  cut/ pasted across.  You could assign the task to colleagues,  set completion dates,  record time spent etc. - depending on the app you choose.  On completion the item gets filed away by the app - possibly useful as an audit trail if necessary.


Such apps are editable from both desktop and mobile,  and seem to me to fit in alongside Evernote quite well,  provided the user is prepared to be the process 'glue' that ties them together.

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Hi gazumped,


I'm aware it isn't a to do app, and I don't need to share my to do's with anyone, but I have tried so many apps out there and I just don't use them long term, which is why I want to get everything into a single note. I feel like it shouldn't be that hard, but I unfortunately am not a great coder!


Thanks for the advice anyway :)

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Yup, that's a thing...


iPhone my iOS devices I use an App called EgretList which ONLY shows the todo items from evernote items, narrowed by tags, or notebooks, or saved searches.

I can then see them in one long scrollable view.

Evernote bought it and made it go poof in the night, so it's no longer a current option if you don't already have it.


Within the Evernote clients though, the nearest I get to that is having a Completed notebook and a set of notebooks for my active todo's.


The context here is that you can't have a search in evernote which searches on everything except one notebook.

That means I have to have a saved search that looks for undone items in my default notebook/inbox, plus an Actions notebook.

Actually they're in a stack and I search the stack.


So the key is that like you, there's a saved search for finding undone items.


Then periodically another saved search to do for cleanup.


notebook:Actions -todo:false todo:true updated:day-14


For me that means look in the Actions Notebook (thereby ignoring the Completed notebook), and show me all notes with Todo's but no incomplete todo's, older than 2 weeks.

For me I still want to see very recent completed items, for inclusion in review meetings.

But after they aged past that, this saved search gives me a group I can just select all and move them to the completed notebook for tidying.


So for me, todo items get created in a structured form with EverLog on my iphone or ipad.

They get read and actioned on in EgretList

And they get included into reports and cleaned up into an archive notebook in the Evernote client


without an ability to split notes or pull done parts out, as you say above, your only option is to swing the pendulum the other way and keep the todos in small granular bits.  So that you can archive off completed notes from perhaps a tagged project collection of notes.

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