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Format Painter

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Yes please.  To be able to copy the format of text to anywhwere would be fantastic - Especially for text copied from a *.txt file where headings need to be of a larger size and bold, etc.

This is urgently needed, I feel.


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Yes please. A tool equivalent to "format painter" would be a productivity gain - and I would use Evernote more if this feature were included.


As it is without such a tool being available, I tend to avoid working in Evernote when I need to copy / paste directly, because I end up with a composition that is a "chimera" of formats that then requires significant effort to try to homogenize or which I leave as is - but find very distracting. 


If I end up having a need to copy / paste extensively, I would need to find another tool which allow me to manage this easily.


Evernote is a fantastic tool otherwise - and I thank you for creating it and making it available.


Sincerely yours,


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  • 1 year later...

Formatting "quirks" in the new web version are driving me crazy, especially when use list items (bullets or numbered list).  I long for the format painter to neutralize the bad behavior in one fell swoop.  I am seeing weird row spacing, weird indent behavior, and weird tab behavior.



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