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(Archived) Better editing ability for numbered checked list


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I am experimenting with using Evernote for keep a checklist of to-do items.  I think I can do with the numbered checklist.  Since a list can be indented to be a sublist, I can create a rudimentary list with a sub-tasks list.   What I'd like to do is to copy (or rather move) an item from one list to another, so I can rearrange them by date or whatever.  However it seems that on Windows, if I cut a few lines, the formatting is not quite preserved.  When I copy it to other list, it doesn't quite insert and number itself nicely.  Also from where I cut, instead of removing that numbered line completely and renumber everything after, it leaves an empty numbered line, and I don't know how to remove this without having to do some shuffling of the few lines of content after.


Anyway, wondering if anyone else has better experience with this.  Thanks!

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