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firefox Feature Request: Don't activate desktop app after clipping


This is admittedly a minor nuisance. Still, it'd be nice if the Evernote desktop app did NOT steal the focus from the browser after clipping something.


I clip stuff all day, every day. I don't want the Evernote window to open each time. I don't need to see what I just clipped. I clipped it. I know what it was. Bringing up the app's main window just blocks my other windows.


[This appears to be the default behavior after clipping w/ both Firefox and Chrome add-ons]

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Hi, I'm assuming you are using Firefox which has what we call 'native clipping' i.e it clips directly to the desktop app without uploading the clips to the cloud and as part of that flow it foregrounds the desktop app so you can choose notebook and add tags. 


In FF there is a setting that allows you to choose to clip to the 'cloud service'. Find the FF options page and choose 'send to web'.


Let me know if that helps. 

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