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(Archived) what is the best device and operating system for Evernote

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Hi all, 


As a long time user of Evernote I have developed an increasing an increasing reliance on it as an application and an increasing frustration with it's limitations in day to day use. 


Windows on PC is fine, works well. problem is when I'm out and about, when iphone 4 running the  latest  ios version  is slow, and unsatisfactory. Upload is unreliable, having to frequently copy, paste and email in notes which does not work for all contents eg voice recordings.  


I use "Clever" and "Quickever" to get around some of these limitations but the fact that off-line notebooks are anything but,  and individual notes have to be downloaded each time is a real nuisance when i just want to add a line to an existing note. 


My question is, what is the best combination of device and operating system for efficient and reliable use of evernote.


Does Android get proper off line sync? if so can anyone give me the benefit of their experience with Galaxy Note ii?? apart from the limitation of Snote.


Does the Windows platform offer better reliabilty and true off line sync?


Some of you Evernote guru's must have been down this road before.


with thanks






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Windows and/or Mac Desktop gets my vote. 


I'm kind of lucky though. I work at a desk all day and don't travel for work so I have access to a desktop computer for 90% of my working life. When I need a quick picture or something I use the mobile app on my iPhone, but that's about it. 


Truthfully, I find the mobile app to be a bit 'busy', and it's still (even after the redesign) extremely cumbersome. What should take four seconds takes two minutes - especially if you stand around waiting for it to sync.


Just my .02, but I rarely use the mobile app. Only when I have to.

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Thanks TechBarber, 

To clarify, I am trying to find out what is the best Mobile device and platform?

I'm thinking to quickly add and edit text on an existing note, while retaining formatting. 

galaxy note 2 is interesting but seems to have it's limitations, or is there a workaround to using Snote with Evernote?

I'm not familiar with Evernote on windows phones,

currenlty I'm trying to use Egretlist and Clever, instead of the IOS version of Evernote.

thanks guys


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Just to refine the question

what mobile operating sytem (if any) allows true local notebooks, without having to download content everytime.

thanks folks.


None. Local notebooks = notebooks on your desktop that are not synced to Evernote's servers.

I think you mean "Offline" notebooks. Android and iOS both allow users to download content for use even when not connected to the Internet. I think Android calls them "offline sync" notebooks.

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