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SUGGESTION: Actionable shortcuts (like Outlook Quick steps)


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I use evernote for GTD, and I was thinking that it would be nice to have shortcuts that could do the following;


- Tag note (home, work, etc)

- Move to notebook



Would it be possible to create something like this?




If i want to tag a note "work" and then move it to "Next Actions", I could do this with a single click on a shortcut.


So it would be a actionable shortcut/simple script. Kind of like "Quick steps" in Outlook.


This would be very nice for repeatable actions such as going through the inbox and sorting the incoming notes. I figure a lot of other use cases could benefit from something like this as well



This would be very beneficial on mobile as well, where tagging and moving notes feels kinda quirky. It takes much longer to do than it should, especially if you have a long list of notebooks and/or tags.



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You can do this very easily with AutoHotkey.





I made you a sample script to add the Work tag to a note, then move it to the Next Actions notebook (or at least whatever notebook starts with N). Read the AutoHotkey docs to get started, but if you run this script it will set Ctrl-Alt-Y (^!y in AutoHotkey terminology) to be a hotkey to perform that action.


The script:


Send ^!t
Send Work ; Change this to be the name of your tag
Send {Space}{Enter}!nv
Send n ; This needs to be the letter that corresponds with the start of your notebook in the Notebooks list.
There's nothing particularly amazing to it, it's just sending the keystrokes you could do yourself to perform the same action. This way you can easily automate it and save yourself a bunch of time.
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