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(Archived) Rant - 6 Videos on business Evernote and not one shows the product or gives meaningful info!


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Why do marketing departments think everyone wants to see happy people talking about a product?!  https://evernote.com/business/resources/videos/  The only thing these videos forgot to include is happy jumping people so I've included a link here in case you'd like to show some happy jumping people too.  http://exclusive-executive-resumes.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/4people-jumping.jpg


People talking is fine, but as much of a shock as this may be to marketing people, some of us actually want to see the product!  How about a video that shows Evernote Business in action?  One that shows how a user who has personal notebooks experiences the business edition?  Does another set of Notebooks show up on the left?  Are tags shared?  What does the user management console look like?  Can I set up a business trial?  And on and on.


NOT ONE of these simple questions is answered or addressed anywhere on the Evernote website.  But I do get to see a bunch of happy people videos.  Oh joy.

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Update - after further searching I found what on first glance appears to be an an in-depth look at the product that gives a business decision maker actual info instead of happy talking people.  Now why in the heck do you have that hidden under "webinars" Evernote?!  The last place most people would look.  Nevertheless, my hats off to whoever created this video.



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