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(Archived) Canon P-150 Software Crashes - Third Party Software Needed



After reading Jamie Rubin's post on going paperless, I upgraded to a Canon P-150 from my ScanSnap S1100. I was out of town when I got it and installed the driver software on my MacBook Air. The Capture OneTouch software crashes each time I open it. I came home today and installed on my iMac and the same thing happens. I have had 4 conversations with Canon Support and have e-mailed the crash reports. They cannot give me a solution. I can use the Mac TWAIN with Preview but it does not support two-sided. I have given up on the Canon support folks and I am looking for a third-party scanning solution that integrates with Evernote and supports the P-150. 


Any suggestions?

Many thanks.


Ron Felton

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Not a good solution, but the P-150 software runs very well on Windows XP and Windows 7.  You could run parallels and set up windows on your Mac.  I'm curious to see if you get a resolution because I've been thinking of getting a Mac and I use my P-150 a lot.

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@jfkess I have a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion and it works fine on that machine. It's my other two Macs that are having the problem. Some type of conflict with existing software I suppose. Can't seem to figure out what. 

There are plenty of Mac users with P-150's.  I found a $15 Mac App this evening called PDF Scanner that seems to work fine with it. No built-in connection to Evernote but I created a rule in Hazel that sends the pdf's to Evernote. Pdf Scanner only creates pdf files but it is fast and does duplex.

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