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evernote business (Archived) Evernote bizz tags not working

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Hello all,


I am having a tough time with EN-B tags.. just not working.

I tried on 2 diffrent machines with same result. have been on the chat with support with no results, they tell me "it should work".


I have attached screen clips for better understanding.






evernot.Biz.. Not Ready for prime time.pdf

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Hi Jojo, welcome to the forum :)

What you are seeing is a result of the way that the business notebooks work. Business notebooks are to similar to shared notebooks, in that they are basically linked notebooks that have a nicer content discovery method.

This means that, to some extent, they will behave like shared notebooks, and one of the things with shared notebooks is that they will only show the tags that are used in them, and if no tags are used in the notebook, then it will say no tags.

So, in a sense, the tag issues that you are seeing are expected behaviour, i.e. the tags are only shown when you select the notebook that they are used in.

That said, I can understand your issue, and I would hope that a better method of tag discovery could be made for the business notebooks as it is somewhere that multiple tags can be used across multiple "shared" notebooks, and I don't feel that it is less than ideal at the moment.

How this (or even if it) could be done though, is beyond me, and I hope that if/when Evernote try to work on this that they don't make normal shared notebooks more difficult to use in the process as well.

Also, the trash issue is a bug I would think, that shouldn't show all tags (inc. Personal) as far as I am aware.


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Hi Scot,


Thank you for the response. You shared more information than the support
people and knowledge base.


How unfortunate for us, what a waste of time.


So how do they expect us to structure a tagging system? This is a bit absurd
since all I read about is how the tagging & searching functions are amazing.
Can I use personnel tags in business book?

One just can’t make up a tag name every time one feels the need for it especially
in a business environment.


The only amazing thing is they sold a “business” product that was not ready
for prime time and is sub-par by business standards.


I would pay more for a product that can be more reliable. A team that can
let us know what is not working so we do not waste time after the fact of
spending time to implement the product.  

I have not tested sharing books yet. At this time I may just leave all the
books in my personal and wait for them to fix this. But wait you said I will
have the same problem with shared books. WOW!.. I may have to go back to MS
Onenote for my business needs and cancel my EN-B account going back to premium.
The premium has been fantastic and I tell folks about using it all the time.


Any guidance would be appreciated .. that includes you evernote people monitoring
this forum


BTW, Scot thanks for sharing your help book and the your time


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Hi Again,


Funny thing, I never used EN on the
web browser before. From the web it looks like I can use all my
personnel tags, and place them into EN-B Books.

Giving me a way to use a organizational tagging system.


So I guess that is the way to use tags in business books. Off to my next test.





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