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(Archived) Clipper icon missing in taskbar

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I love Evernote but reciently for some reason the little Clipper Icon does not appear in the taskbar down by the clock (In Windows XP)

If I try to clip a webpage clicking the icon in the browser bar it asks me to log in even though I've already done it.

I used to just click on the icon (in the taskbar) and then select the screen area but now I can't.

What's wrong?



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Check to make sure that you're launching Evernote on startup in Tools > Options, and check under the Clipper tab to minimize to the taskbar. If that doesn't work, you may want to try reinstalling the app from scratch by downloading from:


and then quit Evernote, Firefox, and IE before running the installer.

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Same problem here. No clipper in Notification Area (System Tray). Windows XP Home w/SP3. Reinstall didn't help. (But I didn't install the Firefox/Thunderbird or Outlook clippers. I wouldn't think that should matter, but wanted to let you know it wasn't a default install.

Is there a specific process we could look for to see if it is an icon problem or if the program really isn't running? (In EN 2.2, the process was UniClipper.exe)


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