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(Archived) Distance in android app noted in miles instead of kilometers


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In my Evernote Android app, which is the Dutch version, distances are in miles instead of kilometers. Miles are meaningless to me. Is there a way to switch to the metric system (which should be the default behaviour in the first place, when localised properly).

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Hi - welcome to the forums. I had a quick look in my (UK) EN for Android but couldn't see distances anywhere. Evernote doesn't 'do' calculations as such - where are you seeing miles?

Zoeken (Search) -> In de buurt (in the neighbourhood)

The results are noted in miles (mijl in Dutch).

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On Windows, the usual thing is to display measurements in terms of the configured system units (e.g. time/date, currency, etc. and including units of measurement). That would be the best way, I think -- most applications don't need to maintain a separate setting.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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