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(Archived) Voice Notes on iPhone

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I am new to EN and just tried to record a voice note on my iPhone. I see the note on my desktop and the Web interface, but in both cases it shows an icon and an error about the wrong MIME type. I see from the forum that others seem to use this feature successfully. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Am I missing some plug-in or something? I am running on a MacBook Pro. Thanks.

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We have seen a problem with a few Mac users who have replaced the default Quicktime audio player on their Mac with a third-party application. In both our Mac and our web interface (via Safari), we tell the Mac to put up the correct audio player control to play your audio clip, which is a "audio/wav" file. Normally, this will just stick up the Quicktime audio player, but if you've changed the default audio setup on your Mac, this could change.

Try going to this page from Safari on this machine:


You should see an audio player to play the audio (.wav) file on that site ... if you don't, then it looks like your audio player setup on that Mac is screwed up.

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Dave, thanks for your response.

I have gone to the website you suggested and I hear Elvis loud and clear. Any other thoughts on what could be going wrong?

I am seeing what looks like a lego brick in the window on my desktop version of EN when I go to that note. Looks like a plug-in is missing or something.

Can you tell me how to check to see if my audio is configured the way you expect it to be? I am not having any other problems with Audio.

Thanks again

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Can you play the audio note from your iPhone?

I'm pretty surprised that Safari won't play your voice note on the Mac, but it will play that other audio clip. We're putting in basically the same HTML markup as that page does, and both are playing a .wav file.

Do you perhaps have a second web browser (like Safari) on your desktop Mac that you could use to try to access this note to see whether audio will play there?

You may want to try going to System Preferences > Quicktime > Advanced tab > click the MIME Settings button

and then make sure that Quicktime is configured to play all of the audio files, expecially the WAVE audio format.

I think you'd need to restart Safari after making this change.

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