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(Archived) Three shortcuts I can't find



Hi everyone.

I'm sort of trying to find out the keyboard shortcut behavior in Evernote (for Mac).
I searched and tried hard (by trial-and-error, google, search) but am not able to find out the following shortcuts.

Please PLEASE give me some help on these :-(

Focus on search => select first note in notelist

Focus on a note in notelist => entire search (and not in that note)


Focus in a note / editing note => select next note in notelist

Tanks a million!!

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Ok I self-figured out 2.


I'm still quite disappointed about the lacky support of keyboard shortcuts in Evernote (Mac). Searching and editing notes in Evernote can not be done exclusively by keyboard. I find myself always having to use the trackpad/mouse for doing simple tasks.

I'm an extensive user of nvALT, which is a text-based note-keeping program. No mouse required at all. Working with this app is lightning fast and really easy.

I love Evernote and would like to use it exclusively. But so far this issue is keeping me from it.


Am I alone on this?

Are there any plans for integrating more shortcuts to Evernotes main app?

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