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Search hotkey used to automatically search all notes

Daniel Goepp


It used to be that when I pressed ctrl-command-e on my Mac, it would launch evernote and search everything. Now it would appear that many times it doesn't. I have to press the "clear" button to show all notes, then search again. Did something change? I really liked having a global hotkey that I new would get me straight to a search all notes window.

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No solution yet, but a small work around.  The main issue I had was having to click something, I like to say away from my trackpad when possible.  So I did find that if I hit escape a couple times, it clears out the search, and starts fresh.  Better than nothing, but I still prefer the old why that it would start with a fresh search of everything every time.

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Yup, that will essentially give the same results as just hitting escape to clear the search too, just also go to showing all notes too.  What would be really nice is if there was a keyboard shortcut (global like ctrl-cmd-e) to launch straight into searching all notes.  It used to be like this, but changed somewhere along the lines :(

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FYI, if you have a Mac running OS X, you are able to create custom App Shortcuts.  Go to System Preferences ▸ Keyboard ▸ Then go to the Tab called "Shortcuts" - down at the bottom of the left hand menu, you'll see something called "App Shortcuts"

If you click the + button down at the bottom you will be able to create any custom shortcut for any app or to create a universal shortcut.  An example of a universal shortcut would be something like ⌘S to save.  

It is important that for the title of the shortcut you name it exactly what that function is called in OS X or in the specific app (Evernote, in this case).  Also note that if the function has an ellipsis after it, use Opt+; (Opt/Alt if you're using a Windows keyboard).  That creates a single character made of the three periods rather than three seperate characters.  *Also useful for twitter if you're so inclined…

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